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National Stadium Bingo, Dublin

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will try to answer the questions often asked by both players and "newbies" new to the artful game of BINGO!


Q: What time should I be there to get a seat and do I need to book a seat?   

A: Firstly no seats can be booked, whilst many regulars have their own favourite areas and seats, nothing is pre-booked on bingo nights. If you want to get a seat and settle in and watch the room fill up, we suggest arriving at the stadium for about 7.30pm as this will allow you time to buy your books, have a soft drink or tea or coffee and have a good look at the prizes on the stage and main prize table for later on.


Q: How many games in a single book?

A: We have ten pages in a single book and additional games are sold if you wish to join in with those as well, a single book retails at €14.00 on a standard night.


Q: Can large groups come to the bingo?

A: We seat over 2,000 people - how large is your group? Just kidding, all persons adults are welcome to play be it a single person enjoying a night off or an office group looking to do something different, our staff will look after you.


Q: Is there wheelchair access in the stadium?

A: Yes, you need to enter through the main front glass doors and come up the long ramp to mid floor level.


Q: Do you take credit cards or cheques?

A: No we do not, these facilities are not available.


Q: Are children permitted?

A: Simply put, no. Young adults are permitted providing they are quiet during game play. We class young adults as 14yrs and over. No young adult under 16 may play bingo as per the lottery licence laws of Ireland. Young adults (16yrs - 18yrs) must be accompanied by a playing adult during the bingo game session. Young adults (16yrs - 18yrs)  are not permitted to play on their own.


Q: Do you have security on site?

A: The stadium itself operates a camera system and we have trained staff patrolling during the games for your benefit.


Q: Do you have smoking areas?

A: As this is the National Stadium Boxing Arena, smoking is not promoted, there are side exits to the venue and some bingo players will have a cigerette during the interval outside of these doors. At no point may any person smoke within the premises, by law. Persons found smoking on the premises will be asked to leave the bingo and may have their membership revoked.


Q: Are your prizes guarenteed?

A: Most of our prizes are brand named products which have their own guarentee however we stand over our prizes as an honourable bingo hall and will repair/replace/substitute anything not covered by manufacturers warranty.


Q: Are their buses going to and from the bingo?

A: Several mini bus and coach operators offer services to and from the bingo, we have a seperate page here on our website showing current bus routes and contact details.

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