The Father of all Bingo's!

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National Stadium Bingo, Dublin


Also known as PALM HELD DEVICES - these are brought in to bring a modern twist to the games at the National Stadium.

However, that said, we do like traditional therefore we only brought in a few and we normally operate on a first come first served basis other than on big game nights (such as the first Tuesday of the month) when we prefer to allow our regular members pre-book their PHDs (and pre-pay of course).

We ask people to remember that these are electronic and to date we have not found anything electronic that works 100% of the time so yes, there can be little snaffus but we fix them there and then or offer refunds.



So how does it work? Well you can manually change all the layouts so you have it just the way you want it, you can set it on full auto and sit back and enjoy the evening or you can keep up with the caller, that said the machine will not let you miss a call so you are always in safe hands.

The machines are pre-set with your required books and this is done at the pay point when you buy your games. You will be given a printed sheet, do not lose this because if something goes wrong with your unit (remember these are electronic devices!!) then we can very quickly re-fit a new unit with your printed code.

Trust us, it works but paper is still fun and single and double books are always and will always be available with us at the National Stadium Bingo.

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