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National Stadium Bingo, Dublin


All our members submit their mobile phone numbers, as such, they are agreeing for us to send regular updates by SMS to their mobile phones - these updates are in relation to the bingo only and your number will never be given to any 3rd party.


Some people have mentioned that they get their texts late at night or early in the morning - as a rule our texts are SENT between office hours and we aim to send texts at around 3pm. If you are getting texts at unusual hours or if you are getting multiple texts it is down to your service provider (e.g. Three, Vodafone, Meteor, Eir, etc) as our texts are sent by computer in Dublin at around 3pm - your service provider does get it at that time - if they are not sending it on correctly it is an issue only they can look in to. We also send the text to our own staff who can verify when they get the messages - if everyone were to get the SMS at a strange hour then it would be something on our side but as it only seems to be one or three people we have been assured by our service provider that it is on the "other side".


If any person at any time wishes their number removed from the SMS service operated on the members behalf they need only give their mobile number to any of the managers in the bingo hall on a bingo night and within 2 weeks (although it should be a lot faster than that) their number will be removed.


Please remember these texts relate to the bingo, new games, events, special nights or notices and are intended for members who have given their mobile phone number in when signing up for their free membership.

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