The Father of all Bingo's!

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National Stadium Bingo, Dublin


At the National Stadium Bingo, we run all sorts of side games to compliment our nightly main bingo game.



The SPIN game works on raffle tickets, our staff walk the entire bingo hall during the night and sell raffle tickets for the prizes on display at the main table and the boxing ring. During the night whilst the main bingo runs, another staff member spins the wheel on the stage in full view of all players and marks up colour and number of the winning raffle ticket. If your colour and number come up - you win your prize of choice from the display area. Be aware though, some prizes are very big so you may need to contact someone to help you carry the prize out at the end of the night. The types of prizes range from CD player systems to flat screen TVs to garden furniture to power drills to make-up sets to nail buffers to kids toys to remote control cars and the list goes on and on and on.....



The Roadrunner game operates on the main stage from an overhead projector - the number goes up - every night and keeps rising until won.



If you win then the balloon carrier comes to you and you choose your balloon, burst it and call out the winning word on the paper inside - EVERY balloon is a WINNER - prizes range from €100 to €500 cash and there is even a "go again" balloon. On special big nights Tony might even offer two balloons!



We pay treble your money when you win - you can't need a longer explanation than that can you?

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